Hanaford Law Offices is committed to representing individuals who have suffered life-threatening injuries in Truck Accidents. Hanaford Law Offices is committed to representing individuals who have suffered life-threatening injuries in Truck Accidents.

Truck Accident

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Truck accidents often result in serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries for drivers and passengers. The huge size and power of many commercial vehicles can contribute to the severity of motor vehicle accidents.

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Hanaford Law Offices offers comprehensive legal support to ensure their rights are protected and justice is pursued.

Helping Injured Clients Assert Their Rights for 30 Years

At Hanaford Law, we know lives can be changed forever from 18-wheeler accidents.

For more than 30 years truck accident attorney Robert Hanaford has proven fault in highly complex cases, even when fault seems initially unclear.

Mr. Hanaford and our legal team are committed to helping you assert your right to a full financial recovery. Contact our injury firm to learn how we can help you prove fault and secure the compensation you are entitled to today and into the future.

Determining the Cause of Trucking Injury Accidents

Accidents involving commercial vehicles can be more complicated than other motor vehicle accidents. The trucking industry is regulated by state and federal regulations which can add extra complication to 18-wheeler accident claims. Legal complexities related to insurance issues, maintenance of the vehicle or operation of the truck can also make trucking accident claims more difficult to pursue. If you or your loved one was in an 18-wheeler accident, do not trust any firm to protect your rights.

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This has been our focus for more than 30 years. We know how to handle complex trucking accident claims and get to the bottom of what happened, such as:

  • Truck driver working without enough sleep or rest breaks
  • Truck driver texting, talking on his or her cellphone or eating while driving
  • Motorist jackknifed or cut off by a truck on an interstate or smaller road
  • Defective equipment leading to the accident
  • An accident attributable to an overloaded truck

All of our trucking accident claims are prepared with enough evidence to prove fault in trial. Insurance companies have learned that we do not cut corners and are always prepared to take them on in court, if necessary. Our client-driven approach helps us secure a full financial recovery covering our clients’ current and long-term medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses associated with personal injury accidents.

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Contact us to speak with an experienced McHenry County truck accident lawyer about your trucking injury claim in Chicago.

We offer a free initial consultation for clients with personal injury claims and will not charge any attorney’s fees unless we are successful at recovering a financial reward for you. We are conveniently located in Chicago and McHenry County, Illinois and Southwest Florida.

Evidence also can decay or disappear with time, so you should not hesitate to consult a knowledgeable McHenry County car accident lawyer to find out if you have a claim.

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