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Florida’s gun legislation tends to favor gun owners. Even so, residents are expected to abide by state guidelines if they want to avoid fines or imprisonment. For example, if you don’t have a concealed carry license and allegedly carry a firearm into an inappropriate space, you may face legal consequences.

Unfortunately, the police officers or bystanders who accuse you of unlawful concealment and carry may not always interpret your position correctly. Others may accuse you with the intent to cause harm for a perceived slight. In either case, you can work with a concealed weapons defense lawyer at the Law Office of Robert H. Hanaford to challenge the charges brought against you in court.

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Florida’s concealed weapons laws tend to favor weapons users. Even so, police officers may still accuse you of concealing a weapon without a license to do so. Should you find yourself facing fines or time in prison as a result of false concealed weapon charges, you need a Naples concealed weapons defense attorney to go to work for you.

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