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When you get onto the road with your fellow drivers, you enter into a social contract with everyone around you. This social contract is known as a duty of care, and it dictates how you’re expected to interact with your peers. Drivers who behave recklessly on the road are said to violate this contract and can meet criminal consequences for their behavior.

That said, police officers and related parties can often misinterpret the behavior of drivers around them. Should you find yourself contending with unfounded reckless driving charges, your future is at risk. You can work with a Naples reckless driving lawyer to contest the accusations brought against you in criminal court.

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Overcome Reckless Driving Charges With a Reckless Driving Attorney in Naples

Floridian reckless driving charges can be unfounded. These charges can inaccurately represent a driver’s behavior on the road and even result from police officer bias. If you suspect that the charges leveled against you may be borne of ill-intent or a misunderstanding of your roadway behavior, it’s your right to contest those charges in criminal court.

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