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A simple DUI is a serious enough charge to mitigate your ability to operate a motor vehicle while also costing you plenty of fines. However, when serious bodily injury is also a factor, you may have an even more serious matter on your hands. The Law Office of Robert H. Hanaford is well-versed in the challenges of this type of charge and has helped many clients beat it.

A DUI with serious bodily injury carries with it stiff penalties in Florida. You need an attorney on which you can rely to help to navigate the legal system and possibly find a way to beat these charges and move on with your life.

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Work With a Florida DUI Lawyer to Deal With the Ramifications of a DUI With Serious Bodily Injury

A DUI with serious bodily injury is one of the most serious DUI cases. The severity of this charge means that you need an experienced attorney on whom you can rely on implementing a successful legal strategy. Florida DUI lawyer Robert H. Hanaford may be able to help. With an extensive background in DUI law and a record of success in assisting clients to overcome even the most challenging cases, Mr. Hanaford is highly qualified in this practice area. He may have a legal strategy that can help if you find yourself charged with a DUI with serious bodily injury in Naples, even when others say they cannot help.

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