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Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana is illegal in Florida. The law treats it the same as driving drunk, subject to the same penalties and civil consequences. And that means that being arrested for or charged with marijuana DUI in Florida is a serious threat to your rights, freedom, and future.

If law enforcement has charged you or your loved one with marijuana DUI in Naples, do not wait to seek experienced legal representation to handle your case. Attorney Robert H. Hanaford is a seasoned, respected Naples marijuana DUI attorney. He and his team are standing by to answer your questions, explain your options, and protect your rights against a Naples marijuana DUI charge.

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Driving while impaired by marijuana is illegal in Naples, and a conviction can carry significant consequences affecting your life, livelihood, and freedom. But being charged with a Naples marijuana DUI does not automatically mean authorities can prove a case against you or that you will face the harshest possible consequences. A skilled Naples marijuana DUI attorney can evaluate the facts, identify your strongest defenses, and work to minimize the consequences of a charge or conviction for you and your loved ones.

Attorney Robert H. Hanaford has over 35 years of experience fighting on behalf of Naples-area criminal defendants. If you or someone you love face a charge of marijuana DUI in Naples, Attorney Hanaford and his experienced team of legal professionals have what it takes to protect you from potential consequences. Contact us online or call our Naples office at (239) 351-1904 for a consultation to learn more.

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