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Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers are responsible to follow safety guidelines before releasing new products to the marketplace. When corners are cut ultimately putting consumers at risk, they can be held responsible.

Since 1982, our product liability attorney in Naples, FL has experience in fighting back against faulty products.

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At Hanaford Law in Naples, we have experience handling personal injury claims since 1982. We are highly aware of the safety measure that must be taken into account before a product is released to the marketplace. If you or your loved one was harmed because of a faulty product, Contact our law firm for a free consultation.

Robert Hanaford product liability attorney in Chicago and South Florida, has more than three decades of experience proving fault, even when liability is initially unclear.

He is fully prepared to take on large manufacturers in an effort to protect your rights.

Proving Fault in Product Liability Claims

Defective product liability attorney Robert Hanaford has extensive experience pursuing personal injury claims against manufacturers, distributors and retailers who created or sold unsafe products to consumers.

He knows the right experts to consult when uncovering liability factors related to unsafe products such as:

  • Household goods and appliances
  • Medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs
  • Air bags, seat belts and tires
  • Cribs, basements, car seats, strollers and other children’s products
  • Firearms
  • Tools and other machinery

Based on our investigative work, we can try to determine if a product was rushed to the marketplace before adequate testing was done. We may also be able to pursue an injury claim, if you were put at risk after a manufacturer failed to properly identify safety concerns. Every product liability claim is fact-specific. Our legal team will review every detail possible. If more than one party can be held liable, we will pursue maximum compensation against all at-fault parties.

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