Despite being potentially deadly for those involved, driving under the influence (DUI) is one of Naples, Florida’s most common criminal charges. A DUI is a severe criminal charge, and a conviction could have a lasting impact on your life, even if it was your first offense. Those convicted of a DUI could face fines, probation, and even lengthy imprisonment. If you have been charged with a DUI in Naples, all hope is not lost, and you have the right to fight the charges against you.

After getting arrested for driving under the influence, it is essential to reach out to an experienced Naples DUI attorney as soon as possible. Drunk driving defense attorney Robert H. Hanaford of the Law Office of Robert H. Hanaford has decades of experience defending clients’ rights in Naples and the surrounding areas. Attorney Hanaford is a former police instructor certified to administer sobriety field tests in Florida and will use his vast knowledge to develop the best defense strategy for your case.

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What to Expect If I’ve Been Arrested for DUI in Naples

Finding oneself facing a DUI arrest can be a bewildering and overwhelming experience. If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Naples, it’s essential to be aware of the steps you can expect to encounter in the legal process and the potential consequences.

Types of DUI Offenses and Penalties in Florida

In Florida, the severity of a DUI charge changes if you are a repeat offender and could take the charge from a misdemeanor to a felony. The followings are the different types of DUI offenses in Florida and the penalties you could face for each:

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