Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Each year, thousands of people sustain injuries biking or walking in crosswalks, on streets, in parks and in other locations. Many of these accidents are serious, and some of them prove to be fatal. All too often, pedestrian and bicycle accidents happen because of negligence on the part of a driver or another person.

30 Year of Experience Helping Clients Assert Their Rights

At Hanaford Law in Chicago, Illinois, we can advise you if you or a loved one was hit by a vehicle while walking, jogging or riding a bike. If negligence was involved, we can help you seek compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Our McHenry bike accident attorney Robert Hanaford has more than 30 years of experience securing the compensation his clients are entitled to today and into the future. Contact our law firm to learn how we can apply our years of experience and legal skills to your benefit during a free consultation.

Identifying the Cause of Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

The laws governing crosswalks and bike paths can add extra complication to identifying fault in personal injury accidents. If you or your loved one was in a bicycle or pedestrian accident, select an experienced lawyer highly knowledgeable on how personal injury laws are applied to pedestrian and bicycle accident claims.

At Hanaford Law, McHenry County bike accident lawyer Robert Hanaford has decades of experience proving fault in complex personal injury claims. We conduct thorough investigations to identify the cause of pedestrian and bicycle accidents such as:

  • Drunk drivers who hit a pedestrian or cyclist
  • Drivers who fail to yield at a crosswalk or stop at a stop sign
  • Motorists who sped or drove recklessly
  • Drivers distracted talking on a cellphone or texting

We know the law and are prepared to identify fault in bicycle and pedestrian accidents. All of our personal injury claims are prepared with enough evidence to prove fault in trial. Our clients-driven approach often prompts the at-fault party's insurance provider to make large settlement offers and avoid going up against us in trial.

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Hanaford Law offers free initial consultations to pedestrian and bicycle accident victims and their families. We will take the time to understand what happened and help you decide whether to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death claim. If we represent you, you will not be charged any legal fees unless and until you receive compensation. Contact our Chicago or Fox River Grove, Illinois, offices to get your questions answered by an experienced McHenry County bike accident attorney.