$12 Million Train / Bus Crash - High school bus hit by commuter express train Chicago bound. Represented family of child who was killed and 2 other children who suffered traumatic brain injury.

$3 Million Medical malpractice wrongful death settlement for hospital failing to monitor patient and failure to prescribe appropriate medication to prevent infection.

$1.5 Million Commercial Diving Accident - Represented family of the diver who was killed for having insufficient air pressure at nuclear facility during maintenance work on underwater valves.

$1.05 Million Settlement for electrocution death of an electrician on commercial job site for owner and general contractor not enforcing OSHA safety rule requiring lock out and tag out of electrical circuit.

$1 Million Truck / Pedestrian Accident

$1 Million Construction Accident

$1 Million Electrocution on Commercial High Rise

$1 Million Pedestrian Accident: Child hit by Semi-Truck

$850,000 Settlement for engineer whose foot was run over by defendant company's fork lift operator.

$750,000 Settlement for iron worker who injured back when fell from law. Improper OSHA compliance for fall protection.

$500,000 Neck Injury / Underinsured Motorist Claim

$500,000 Settlement for client suffering neck injury when rear ended by truck.

$290,000 Worker's compensation settlement for factory worker for arm injury.

$290,000 Back Injury / Workers' Compensation

$250,000 Worker's compensation settlement for bread factory worker's back injury.

$200,000 Worker's compensation settlement for factory worker who injured shoulder.