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McHenry County Attorney for Individuals Facing Prosecution

With more than three decades of experience, McHenry County criminal defense lawyer Robert H. Hanaford represents Illinois residents who have been charged with a wide range of offenses. A former elected official, Mr. Hanaford is dedicated to serving his neighbors and has been recognized by his peers for his legal knowledge and sophistication. Mr. Hanaford has the skill to guide defendants through what can be a complex process of working to get charges dropped or reduced. If you need a DUI attorney or assistance in fighting any other type of prosecution, you can expect to receive the compassion and candor that you deserve.

Protecting Your Rights When Facing Charges in Illinois

The penalties that a defendant may face upon a conviction depend largely on the number of charges involved, the nature of the offenses, and the person’s prior criminal history, if any. Misdemeanors usually refer to charges that carry sentences of up to one year in jail, while felonies are more serious offenses with more severe consequences. It is important to remember that criminal defendants are often charged with more than one offense and that each offense carries its own potential punishment.

There are a number of legal defenses that may be available to people charged with crimes in Illinois, depending on the circumstances. The burden in criminal cases is on the prosecution to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the defendant committed the crimes with which he or she has been charged. This is a high standard of proof to meet, and a McHenry County criminal defense lawyer can start building an opposition to the prosecution long before the case goes to trial.

Many of the issues that arise in these cases relate to whether the police acted within their constitutional limits in pursuing an investigation and making an arrest. To pull over a car or stop a person on the street, the police must have a “reasonable suspicion” to believe that a crime has been committed. To arrest someone for a crime, the police must have “probable cause” to believe that the person committed the crime.

Similarly, police are generally not authorized to search a home or car without a warrant issued by a judge. In some cases, however, such a search may be justified as reasonable under the circumstances. This includes searches that are part of a lawful stop or arrest or that are considered necessary as a result of “exigent circumstances.” If a judge finds that the police action was improper, however, any and all evidence gathered following an improper stop or arrest or during a search cannot be used against you in court. This often severely undermines the prosecution’s case, resulting in charges being dismissed or reduced.

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If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, McHenry County criminal defense attorney Robert H. Hanaford can help. He fights tirelessly to protect his clients’ rights and advance their interests. He is also a skilled litigator and accomplished negotiator with a history of helping clients successfully resolve a wide range of cases. Robert H. Hanaford represents people in Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Cary, Lake in the Hills, Woodstock, McHenry, Fox River Grove, and other communities throughout McHenry County. He also can assist people in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Elgin, Barrington, and elsewhere in Cook, Kane, and Lake Counties. To speak with a knowledgeable drunk driving attorney or seek representation against another type of charge, you can contact us online, call the Chicago office at (312) 899-9020, or call the McHenry County office at (847) 516-5297. You can also call Mr. Hanaford’s cell phone at (312) 636-4807 to schedule a free consultation.